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Everyone wants to explore new sites in their own vehicle. But you can’t bring your vehicle with you everywhere. Additionally, there are a few factors associated with owning a car, such as a requirement for prompt maintenance and repair, expenses, gasoline prices, etc. Meanwhile, if you are outside your country, you will have to rely on local transport or consider renting a vehicle. Although renting a car in Brandon and Winnipeg for a short and long time period is popular, Town Car Rentals provide Brandon and Winnipeg car rental solutions to make travelling enjoyable and hassle-free.

Enjoy Your Journey With Premium Town Car Rental Services

Located in Brandon and Winnipeg, Town Car Rental is an independent car rental agency that offers the largest selection of automobiles for rent to both locals and tourists. We have a car for any need and price range, whether you desire a budget-friendly automobile, a high-end sedan, or an SUV. Our fleet of cars includes hundreds of vehicles from major manufacturers including Nissan, Audi, Toyota, Mercedes, and many others. Town car rentals allow you to save time and money while concentrating on your trip and travel arrangements. We present information about the vehicle, including its specifications for rent. That’s why before confirming a booking, our consumers are aware of what they are getting. Our main car rental services include:
long term car rental winnipeg
car rental options Winnipeg

Long Term Car Rental

We at Town Car Rental have a solution for all of your vehicle rental needs, including if you need a car for a long time. We expanded our monthly car rental service to include both locals and visitors to Brandon and Winnipeg.

Short Term Car Rental

We take pride in offering short-term vehicle rental services to accommodate various activities, from daily to weekly programs. Customers can easily select any of the cars listed in our inventory while using our daily and weekly car rental options.

At Town Car Rental we know the service you receive matters!

Who we are

Our founders had the simple idea of wanting to make renting cars much better. And we’ve flourished because our customers love how we work, Customer Satisfaction is key.

Rental Options

We provide our customers with a wide variety of vehicles and rental options. We offer both domestic and imported models, including economy, luxury, trucks, minivans & SUV's.

Why us?

We bring you unbeatable value and peace of mind throughout your rental car journey. Always at the best price compaired to our compitators

Customer Service

Our customer team is here to support you through your trip, wherever and whenever you need extra help.

Cars for rent in Winnipeg

Town Car Rental is a locally owned car rental company

If you are in Winnipeg and looking for a car rental, make sure you call in and see us or make a booking online first. We are locally made and run car rental company located right in the heart of Winnipeg, in the north end of Winnipeg, at 64 Salter St. We have cars for rent in Winnipeg and Brandon with very competitive deals and pricing. You can visit the website or google Town Car Rental or even cars for rent in Winnipeg to look us up and access our lowest prices to get you going on your Winnipeg adventure, explore our beautiful province, take a trip with your friends and family or take someone special out for a drive. Whatever your needs, our cars never let you down, along with our family like customer service. We have a dedicated teaam of employees who will maake you feel like you're the first customer we have ever had. Additionally, we are proud of our ever growing fleet of cars which are great on gas and light on the pocket, we have multiple rental vehicles in our fleet, ranging from compact cars, sedans, full size sedans, intermediate suv's, full-size suv's, vans, trucks and luxury options available. So what are you waiting for? Reserve a vehicle today, escape the cold and enjoy yourself time in Manitoba.

We are with the customer during the booking process, before and after the car rental lease. Our clients can always feel safe as all issues related to reservations will be assisted by our specialists that will be there to help and to solve any issues to provide an extensive, wholesome car rental experience.

Reserve a vehicle today at

What our customers say about Town Car Rental

- The best customer service and prices in all of Manitoba. Will recommend to everyone.

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