1What do I need to rent a car with Town Car Rentals?
To rent a car from us, you will need:
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Be older than 18 years and have a valid 5F Driver’s License or equivalent.
  • Sign the Car Rental Agreement and Agrees to our Terms of Service.
  • Pay $300-$500 Security Deposit.
  • Loss Damage Waiver is required if you do not hold Manitoba License.
  • Pay the Rental Cost plus Tax.
2Is Credit Card Required?
To rent a car from us, you do require a Credit Card. $300-$800 fully refundable will be held, based on the size and type of the vehicle. This hold will be returned to you when you return the car without any damages.
3Do you charge a young driver's fee?
When renting a car from us, we don't charge a young drivers fee as far as you meet all other requirements.
4Do you charge a additional driver's fee?
We don't charge additional driver's fees as far as the renter and the additional drivers meet all the requirements.
Also the additional driver will need to be added to the rental agreement. Only drivers that are on the rental agreement are allowed to drive the rental car.
5Do you offer Unlimited Mileage?
When renting a car from us, we don't offer unlimited mileage on the rental cars during your rental period. Instead we allow only 200km per day, additional distance would be charged as $0.35 per additional kilometer.
6How can I change the car after making my reservation?
Depending on the availability, we reserve rights to approve your request to make any changes to your reservation.
7Are all rental vehicles insured?
All the vehicles available on rent by Town Car Rental are insured.
8How does Insurance work for me?
Though all our vehicles are insured, we recommend our clients to get additional rental insurance to avoid any deductibles (approx. $500 ) from Manitoba Public Insurance in case of accident or any damage to the vehicle. Additionally we also provide Loss Damage Waivers
1. Loss Damage Waiver 1, in this your deductible will be $500 from $750 per claim nothing else will be covered.
2. Loss Damage Waiver 2, in this your deductible will be $300 from $750 per claim nothing else will be covered.
3. Loss Damage Waiver 3, in this your deductible will be $0 from $750 per claim nothing else will be covered.
4. Loss Damage Waiver 4, your deductible will be $0, but it will cover Stone chips, Door ding, Glass claims, Minor scratches and Vandalism Claims along with downtime.
9What payment methods are accepted?
We accept payments in the form of Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Cash and Interac e-Transfer.
10What should I do if my rental car breaks down?
In the rare occurrence of a car breakdown, contact (204) 421-1313 for assistance.
11Do you offer pickup or drop off from a different/remote location?
If you require to pickup the rental car or drop off the rental car from a location other than ours, please send us a request and we would accommodate it on case to case basis.
12What to do if I get into an accident or damage the car?
If someone is hurt or if there is severe damages to the car: Call the Police and then notify us.
If no one is hurt: Exchange your details with the other driver that is involved in the accident and notify us immediately to provide detailed account of the incident.