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Get Advantage from Varied Car Rental Options Winnipeg

Town Car Rental is your one-stop center for renting cars in Winnipeg. Our fleet of automobile rentals is available throughout Winnipeg and is suitable for every event. We offer affordable and expensive cars at competitive prices as one of the top rental car businesses. You can rent a car from a wide range of options using short- and long-term rental options. We have the luxury and most recent vehicles from well-known brands including Audi, Mercedes, Nissan, and many others. All of the vehicles in our collection receive regular maintenance and sanitization. Choose the best fit for your requirements and budget, and we will quickly reserve them for you. Our flexible car rental options include:

Entitle to Car Rental Service After an Accident

Imagine you were just involved in a car accident; your car is either damaged or it is being fixed. After an automobile is sent to a shop for repair, it often takes up to 2 weeks for it to be fixed. You can end up without a car and be stranded in the interim. Our rental cars come in handy in that situation! We provide you with rental vehicles in these circumstances.

Long-Term Rental Option

Whether you need a compact car to navigate Winnipeg’s roads or something larger and more significant, our long-term car rental programs will make your trips across Canada more comfortable. You can choose from our long-term rental options. We provide long-term vehicle rentals to suit all of your needs. Before building credit histories to rent or finance a new car, you can rent a car for a considerable amount of time.

Short-Term Rental Option

Town Car Rental takes pride in providing a short-term vehicle rental service to fit all needs, from daily plans to weekly ones. Customers who use our daily and weekly car rental plans can quickly select any of the automobiles that are available in our inventory. With the help of lavish cars, we make sure that our customers enjoy themselves to the fullest. Our methods for renting cars have been developed to be stress- and pressure-free.

What our customers say

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We know the service you receive matters!

Who we are

Our founders had the simple idea of wanting to make renting cars much better. And we’ve flourished because our customers love how we work.

Wide Range of Rental Options

Town Car Rental's fleet of automobiles provides our customers with a wide variety of vehicles and rental options. We offer both domestic and imported models, including economy, convertibles, luxury, trucks, minivans and sport utility vehicles.

Why us?

In simple terms, because we bring you unbeatable value and peace of mind throughout your rental car journey. We use all our experience – and the experiences of hundreds of our customers – to bring you the car you need and the quality of service you want. Always at the best price.

Customer Service

Our customer team is here to support you through your trip, wherever and whenever you need extra help.